What are K Cosmetics?

What are K Cosmetics?

What is K Cosmetics?


K Cosmetics is a new emerging trend around the world. It refers to the cosmetics products from Korea, and the trend surrounding it. You may have already heard about it from a fashion magazine or news have covered what Korean Cosmetics is and why it’s a great trend. But really, the number of sales for Korean cosmetics is increasing globally. 


According to Government Statistics Korea, the number of sales for Korean Cosmetics have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Experts have said that by 2024 a quarter of the total cosmetics sales in the world would be from Korea. That is more than 150 Billion$ amount that the K Cosmetics can claim. 

Okay, we get the number, but why is it so great?

Main reasons why Korean cosmetics are becoming more popular

1.Technological development

South Korea is known for its technological development in science. Using that science Korean cosmetics companies create skincare products or make-ups that are astonishing and also environmentally friendly.


2. No animal testing

South Korea bans all animal testing for cosmetics products. That is including the skincare products, toothpaste, make-ups and soaps. Korean companies know that the products do not have to be tested on animals because they only use ingredients that are safe and proven to work. 


3.The K-culture

The Korean wave or “Hanryu” includes everything from Korea that is popular outside of Korea. Many celebrities use Korean cosmetics themselves and have proven many times that it works for them.


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